Dr Andrew Dean

Monday, June 26 2017 at 7:30PM

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75 George Street,

Dr Andrew Dean

What's the talk about?

What is it like to carry out highly unusual and stigmatised research in academia? In this talk, Dr Andrew Dean will discuss the challenges of carrying out research into Nazis, psychedelic drug use, escorting and other areas that are considered deviant. Not surprisingly, the difficulties faced are both methodological and professional. For example, how do we work with Nazis to better understand extremism? Do we validate an individual who claims to be undergoing metamorphosis into a werewolf? Whatever our answer is to these questions is to offend another academic, and potentially the public, where our answer suggests allegiance to certain methodological ideologies, which is no small challenge at a time of 'identity politics'. Problematically, we tend to see that there are methodological issues as we explore these challenges that echo into the professional world, and all create numerous challenges for what research to carry out, how to do it, whether we are funded, and how we are viewed by colleagues and the public. 

Dr Andrew Dean has three doctorates, is a biophysicist, psychologist and linguist, and carries out research in all three areas, but has a love for the more unusual aspects of life.