Dr Victoria Stiles

Monday, October 23 2017 at 7:30PM

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75 George Street,

Dr Victoria Stiles

What's the talk about?

What exactly are the lessons of history and will we ever learn them? Why are so many histories written from a clearly biased perspective? Why is it so hard for historians to just say what really happened? Recent events suggest that remembering history is not enough to avoid repeating it, so do history and historians still have a purpose?

Victoria Stiles is a freelance researcher and consultant in the field of Modern European History and specialises in the portrayal of imperial history and national stereotypes within Nazi Germany. In this talk she will explain some of the ways in which historians use and assess evidence, how they draw parallels between events in different times and places, and how they arrive at an account of the past which they are willing to call “a history”. She is very keen to hear the audience’s thoughts on what they want history and historians to do for them.
Is it reasonable to expect the past to teach us anything at all? This talk won’t provide all the answers but maybe together we can formulate some better questions.